School Activity Pictures: 

2015-2016 School Year










Field Trip Jaycee Park:  



Lion Country Safari Field Trip:











YMCA Field Trip

Water Day



Thanksgiving Celebrations:










Valentine's Day Celebration




2016-2017 School Year

Water Day


Archery Club

Craft Club

School Plays:

Lyngate Park Field Trip:

School Carnival:

Thanksgiving Day Celebrations:

Skatetown Field Trip:

Christmas Party/ Hayride:

Older Kids Christmas Light Seeing Trip:

Spirit Week:

Gross Day: Eating Gross Looking Food 

Valentines Day Party and Jeopardy: 











Crazy Hat, Sock, and Tie Day:

Hawaiian Day:


Easter Performance:


Interpretive Dance                                                                                                                                      Color Guard Flag Routine

Group Performance                                                                                                                 Sign Language/ Interpretive Dance 

Flag Routine Senior Performance                                                                                          Music Production Class Performance

Senior Trip (Tennessee):